Posted by: My Personal Vet | April 11, 2011

Welcome Home Cynthia

Photo of “Berry” by Orsi Cseke

Photo of “Berry” by Orsi Cseke

Welcome Home Cynthia

I have been waiting here longing for you,
You helped me when I felt so lost and alone.
No one but you saw the fear in my eyes,
And the joy I could give someone’s home.

Though your work days were long with so much to do,
You somehow made time to comfort me so
Now you can rest in peace without fear,
And blissful calm, because you came to know

You were loved so much more than you ever knew,
Because of the goodness you’d share,
With the people and pets you loved all your life,
In a world sadly not always fair.

Your soul of differing hues and veneer,
Seemed to me like a crisp candy shell,
Which would melt at the hint of meanness or wrong,
Though your will to do right never fell.

Thank you from me and the once sick or stray,
For the love you so sweetly gave,
For boundless caring you managed somehow,,
Which grew in your life like a wave…

May that power of love bring you safely home,
And especially here to me,
As I and others wait for you now,
As if on a shore by the sea

You made our lives better our darling friend,
So for you no more worries or fears,
We shared for a short time your laughter and smile,
Though that life was of too few years.

Now you know better how love is yours,
And the peace of no clocks or time,
You once brought me safely into your home,
Now come safely here to mine.

By Elizabeth Ann Molo
May 2010

In memory of our beloved Cynthia

Photo of “Berry” by Orsi Cseke
Connemara, Ireland
May 2010


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