Posted by: My Personal Vet | July 25, 2010

High Blood Pressure

Is high blood pressure a “silent killer” in cats and dogs?

Actually, yes.  It’s a very real concern for cats and dogs.  Different than humans, though.  In humans, it can be “primary” – meaning exist without an underlying cause.

In cats and dogs, primary hypertension may not exist.   You have to look for another disease causing the problem.   Since high blood pressure can cause serious health issues,  it’s important to find that cause.   Routine exams, every 6 months, are the best time to measure and test for developing diseases.

Causes of hypertension

Bad things that can happen

  • Retinas can detach causing immediate blindness
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Death


Frequent monitoring is important.  But cats and dogs generally get tense in a veterinary office.  Or the trip can be traumatic   —  either for the animal or the human.  To measure blood pressure, they need to sit still while people shave their paws and hold their leg or tail.  It takes a while and their blood pressure will goes higher.  Home monitoring is a much better solution.

Tabba the cat

Tabba is really really fussy going in a car and at the vet – she is all teeth and claws.   Watch how she is at home while I take her blood pressure:



  1. Excellent information, thank you for this.

  2. You are so kind to be willing to share this info. A lot of vets in my experience would not be so pro-active. I really appreciate your time and the information you so graciously share with us. I am learning lots. We miss you very much since we moved here.

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