Posted by: My Personal Vet | July 1, 2010

Do Border Collies Like to Herd?

Have you ever wondered if Border Collies love to herd?  Or are we, again, just making them work for us?

You’ll get the answer here.  This is taken about 3 miles away from the ranch where I take my Border Collies to herd sheep and goats and ducks.  It doesn’t adequately display her enthusiasm but gives a hint.  She is so happy and ecstatic it rubs off on me every time.

You know when you do something and you forget all about your cares and worries?  This is one of them for me.  Outside, raining or sunny, it’s just her and me doing something together that we both enjoy.  Fabulous!

What do YOU and your pup do for quality time together?

Quality Time with FlyGirl (video)

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