Posted by: My Personal Vet | October 29, 2009

Halloween Safety Tips for your Pets

Amazing that fall is in full swing and Halloween is already just around the corner!

We just wanted to send a friendly reminder that fright night can be spooky for our animal friends too! Here are some good tips for keeping your pets safe on Halloween:

1. Keep pets in the house and away from the relentlessly knocked-on and constantly opened and closed front door. This will keep them from spooking from all the excitement in the streets and the strange ghouls coming up to your house. Stress can cause animals to act differently towards others than usual and this will keep them and everyone else safe!

This is also a great time to make sure all of your pets ID tags and microchips are up to date!

2. Halloween sweets aren’t just bad for your waistline! Be sure to keep your trick-or-treat candy bowls and bags away from dogs and cats alike.

  • Chocolate can be deadly for our canine friends. Eating even the smallest piece can cause serious damage.  And bittersweet is much worse than milk chocolate.
  • Artificial sweeteners in some gums and candies, expecially Xylitol, are highly toxic to both dogs and cats.
  • All the little wrappers that can get left behind are intriguing to cats and dogs! Be sure there aren’t any leftover in your yard or around the house the next day. They can contain residues of the candies that were inside them and can get trapped in their airways and digestive systems.

Should your pet ingest any of these things, be sure to take them to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital and, if you are member, page Dr. Sharp.

We hope that all of you have a very happy and safe Halloween!

For more information on becoming a member, you can call our office or contact us through our website anytime!

(831) 621-7444

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